Bélinac's story

The story of the Bélinac Silk Factory

Began in Aurec sur Loire back in 1882. Albert Bélinac, its founder, pioneered the use of mechanical spindles specially-developed for the weaving of silk ribbon… In 1906, he ordered the construction of a building in Saint-Etienne, to which the company was then transferred. Designed by the architect F Dodat, the building sits, as luck would have it, between the Condition des Soies (silk conditioning house) and the Place Jacquard.

Photoengraving of the previous manufacturing place of Bélinac in Aurec sur Loire (43, France)

Portrait Gallery:

Albert Bélinac, the Silk Factory’s founder, was born in 1859. He managed the company until 1907, when he lost his fight against typhoid fever.

His son, Henri, was just 17 at the time…so Mr. Page, a member of the Bélinac family, took charge of the Silk Factory, assisted by two employees, Mr. Galet and Mr. Griffon.

Having completed his military service, Henri joined the company in 1912. However, war broke out and he was called up. The hostilities over, he returned to manage Bélinac but the war had hit the market and the silk sector entered a deep slum. In the thirties, Henri Bélinac introduced new products to the company’s range, including linings and viscose-rayon upholstery fabrics.

Henri managed the Bélinac Silk Factory until 1968 before his grandson, Jean Gelas, took the reins for the next thirty-eight years.

In 2007, it was Yann Biville’s turn to commit to the Bélinac adventure.

French Brand

The silkery industry of Bélinac reflects a special 
French savoir-faire from 1882.

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