General Terms of Sale


  1.   Customer’s identity :

Sales made by Bélinac company are subject to the following Standard Terms of Sale which you agree without restriction or reserve when you have already sent a complete purchase order with your payment. The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to define our conditions of ordering, our means of payment, our shipping conditions and under what conditions you can return an article to us.

You are free to check our General Terms and Condition as often as you can by clicking on the link « Standard Terms of Sale » which is present on all our Shop pages. Thus, all your purchase orders will involve your final and irrevocable agreement about our General Terms and Conditions as presented below.


  1.   How can you place an order ?

You have severeal ways to place an order :

2.1 With your credit card on our website :

You can complete a purchase order and then you can pay via your credit card with a secure transaction.


2.2 With another means of payment

Other means of payment will be suggested to you online. You have to complete your purchase order and send us the corresponding payment. If you want to place an order through one of the two steps presented above, you will be irrevocably engaged.

Any orders placed through Bélinac will be confirmed to you via an email with your order confirmation that we’ll send you as soon as possible. We’ll ask you your email address when you complete your customer account.

When you order online, we suggest you to print a copy of your purchase order until you receive your  Belinac order confirmation by email.


  1.   Informations about our qualities :

Bélinac shows you on its website the products to be sold with the required characteristics for compliance with Article L 111-1 of the French Consumer Code, which plans the possibility for you to know the essential specifications of the products you would like to purchase before making an definitive order, 

Offers presented by Bélinac are valid only within the limits of available stock. Our prices are prices from our current rates of the year.


  1.   Prices :

Prices of our products are in Euros without taxes. The legal rate of 20% VAT is added to the prices billed. 


Product prices can evolve constantly according to the tariff policy of our raw material suppliers. The selling price retained for the purchase of a product corresponds to that observed on line by the customer. Our selling prices are our prices without the delivery costs.

We’ll charge you for the delivery costs and we’ll add the delivery costs to your order. The delivery costs depend on the place where we have to ship your order.

You will keep you informed about the delivery costs before saving the defintive recording of the order placed and we’ll ask you the payment for the full amount of your order including the delivery costs. Thus you agree confirming the order to pay the full amount due for this purchase. The delivery costs can not be a valid reason to reconsider your order after the definitive recording.


  1.   Delivery :

The shipping and the delivery of your order depend on where we have to ship your order and on the full amount of your order as well.


5.1 Delivery in metropolitan France :

The delivery costs depend on the destination, the weight and the full amount of your order.

You can choose the place where we have to ship your order (you have to specify the delivery address on your purchase order) : to your place or another place.

If all the articles are in stock, our delivery lead time is from 2 to 5 days in metropolitan France.


5.2 Delivery costs outside metropolitan France :

According to the final destination, the weight and the full amount of your order, we’ll suggest you pur delivery costs.

If you have any special request, please feel free to contact us. If our articles are out of stock, we’ll keep you informed as soon as possible.


5.3 Order tracking :

When your order has been processed, we’ll send you an order confirmation by email.

If you have any question about your order statue, please feel free to send us an email at



  1.   The General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Bélinac


6.1The terms of the settlement.

Invoices have to be paid in Saint Just Saint Rambert

-        With a discount of 2% on the full amount of your order (not including the delivery costs and other costs). You can have this discount only if you pay no later than 10 days after your invoice has been issued. You can enjoy this discount only if you pay by check or bank transfer (without fees)

-        at 30 days end of month


According to the law 92-1442 of December, 31st 1992, any delay in payment shall give rise to the payment of a penalty of 1,5% per month, any delay within a month will be counted as a whole month.


If you don’t have haven’t received your payment, we’ll have the right to stop sending you your orders. Moroever, on your final invoice, we’ll charge you 40€ for recovery costs and we’ll charge you a minimum amount of 153€ (excluding taxes) for the recovery costs from our legal department as well.

By express agreement and  except requested report on time and agreed by us, the non-payment of our articles will generate :

  1.      The immediate payement of all due sums, whatever the planned method of payment
  2.       For damages and penalty clauses, the payment of  an indemnity equal to 15% of the due sums besides the legal interests and the possible judicial expenses. 


6.2 Claim :

You couldn’t make a claim 15 days after the delivery of your order. Furthermore you couldn’t make a claim if you have already used or cut our fabrics. Any visible defect is covered of right by the reception without reservations made by the buyer.

Belinac responsability is only limited by the price of our admitted defective articles, not including the compensation of another direct or indirect damages.


6.3 Reservation of ownership :

By express agreement, the goods delivered are Bélinac property until the last day of the full payment by the cashing of the checks or by paper instrument. This reservation of ownership will be implemented in case of recovery or legal liquidation, personal bankruptcy and bankruptcy (law of January, 25th 1985, article 121).


In case of revendication for non-payment, partial or complete, the goods in stock at the client’s place correspond to the unpaid claim.

We will keep the credit notes to cover damages for the resale of the product.

The transfer of the risks takes place from the disposition of the goods to the transporter or to the buyer who has to insure them against any risk, with direct payment of the insurance provider to us in case of a disaster, notwithstanding any appeal against the buyer.    


6.4 Litigation

In case of disagreement or recourse in warranty and despite any contrary stipulations, any disagreement will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Saint Etienne, the sales contract is governed by the French Law. 


  1.   If you want to contact Bélinac’s customer service :


-        By post :


27 boulevard de l’Industrie

CS 90524


-        By email :

-        By phone : +33477433700

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